Equity in Education

AAUW has emphasized education since 1881. But now, with women outdoing men in earning college degrees, it’s not just about more college degrees.

Today, women receive:

  • 61% of associate degrees
  • 57% of bachelor’s degrees
  • 59% of master’s degrees
  • 48% of both medical and law degrees

However, women are subject to gender bias in many aspects of education, from institutions failing to live up to the requirements of Title IX, to women being steered away from high-paying fields especially in STEM, to sexual harassment and assault.

In addition, AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities include strong statements on public education, starting with:

“AAUW believes that high-quality public education is the foundation of a democratic society…We advocate equitable access to education and climates free of harassment, bullying, and sexual assault. We support academic freedom, civic education, protection from censorship, bias-free education, and responsible funding for all levels of education…”

Following are Florida-specific blog posts regarding Equity in Education:

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