Reproductive Rights and Issues

“Self-determination of one’s reproductive health decisions” has been part of AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities for many years. It is integral to women’s economic security and empowerment. This page calls AAUW Florida branches to UNDERSTAND and EDUCATE.

The principles

As a nonpartisan organization, AAUW cannot support candidates, but we can work to change hearts and minds in favor of a woman’s right to choose her own path in every aspect of her life. This also applies to people of other genders and those who do not conform to the binary paradigm, but who may be capable of becoming pregnant. It is a great joy and privilege to nurture a new life if one chooses to do so, but to be forced to do so is abhorrent.

under-stand and educate

Please refer to the posts below on “Birth Control”, “Abortion”, “Religions and Abortion”, and “Legal Matters” for background information. “The Power of Story: Abortion” is an older post containing personal observations.

Please read suggestions for action at the branch level in “What You Can Do”.

Information and Issues in Reproductive Rights

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