Florida Legislature by Diane Schrier

2 new  FL. Legislature Bills have been filed that are worrisome.    One is a claim from Justice2Jesus saying that the Legislature didn’t properly act on its lobbying between 2006-2008.

The other is Steube’s Human Trafficking Bill.   While an improvement, it has two worrisome areas.   It says that teachers must follow the curriculum at all times.   It also says human trafficking should be taught from grades 7-12.   However, the prime age for victims is averaged at 11-14.    The education must start earlier.

One thought on “Florida Legislature by Diane Schrier”

  1. Thanks for posting, Diane! You have a lot of knowledge to share. It seems that Brian Pitts of Justice-2-Jesus is kind of a fringe operator–maybe we don’t have to worry about him (although I will grant you we’ve seen fringe operators come to the fore lately!)
    As for the other bill, certainly we need to watch it and bring the observation about prime age for recruiting to their attention. However, I think the “sticking to the curriculum” piece is a way of covering their asses in case a teacher decides to strike out on her own with controversial material. When I was in high school (in the middle ages, not the dark ages!) the powers that be in Florida education decided we should be allowed to learn about communism, but under tightly controlled conditions. So we had a TV course, “Americanism vs. Communism”. This avoided the risk of some teacher saying something favorable about communism, a risk they couldn’t take. I’m not sure what risk they are afraid of in the human trafficking area, but it would probably be something about sex. Parents would be furious.


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