September Alerts

Florida, Please be alert to two things this month:

  • National legislators are on vacation in September and this would be a good time to visit them. We are all on the Two-minute Activist, but personal contact is even more effective. There’s a group of women in Jacksonville who show up at Rubio’s local office and our local representative’s office every week to politely let them know what they think of current issues. What do you think of that? They are motivated. Where are we? We are the established, educated women advocates since 1881. Make plans to visit this month and you will have plenty to talk about, primarily budget issues.
  • National AAUW has chosen Florida to plan and host a press conference regarding the release of the new version of The Simple Truth About the Gender Wage Gap during the week of September 18. By that time, Rep. Berman and Sen. Stewart will probably have filed the Florida equal pay bill, so there will be a lot to talk about. More on this later.

Author: Pat DeWitt

I am a retired institutional researcher, a musician and musicologist, and support AAUW as well as several environmental causes.

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